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NERD New age Engineer of Robot Design

Have you ever dreamt in your childhood to have a biiiig Robot to boast it to your friends? Have you ever wished a Robot makes all the homework so you could not to waste time on it? Or have you ever wanted to see Robots fight?
It's only possible in movies or far-far future, you say? Pfff!!!!! We say NO WAY! YOU can make this future much closer this spring (which is actually still winter in Russia :D trolololo)! Build the future!
The Robot time has come!!!
Here, in the country of Robo-bears dancing Kalinka-Malinka, in the land of Robo-babushkas singing Katusha, in the Amazing city of Ekaterinburg you can turn your dreams into reality! You can become the New age Engineer of Robot Desing!!!
Throw all doubts away - Russia waits for YOU!

Required prior knowledge: Basic programming skills and basic knowledge on robot designing.
Selection criteria for participants: Motivation letter, answers to the questions